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Developmental Community Music (DCM) is a holistic approach to facilitating musical group experiences of all kinds. Rooted in traditions such a improvised community drumming (drum circles), Orff-Schulwerk (education-based music and movement for children), and Music Therapy practices, DCM helps people create fun, enriching, and spirited events. Anyone can learn to be a DCM guide. All it takes is a passion for music and people. DCM is getting a new Home on the web. Visit the all new DCM website.

How does it work?
We use a wide range of instruments and activities to engage participants at multiple levels (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, personal, interpersonal) and reach a variety of goals. We often use drums and percussion, melodic percussion (tuned chimes, gongs, bells, etc.), body percussion (snap, clap, pat, stamp), voice (chants & songs), ukulele, and native American flute. In addition to instrumental and vocal music, DCM also includes movement, both formal and improvised, process presentation, and program design.

DCM guides are people who know how to design a session to meet the needs of their clients.
Drumming up Joy Strum, Sing, Laugh Melodies of Spirit
drum ukulele flute
Join the group drumming movement! learn how to facilitate drum circles and guided interactive drumming for wellness and more. Never drummed before? Kalani's approach makes it easy to join in the rhythm.
What's the most popular musical trend in the world? It's the ukulele! Learn to play the Uke and lead group sing-a-longs in minutes. Enjoy this fun and community-oriented gem!
Learn to call in the spirit with the Native American-style flute. Connect with the melody of your heart and open new pathways of expression with this beautiful and accessible instrument. Everyone can play the flute!

What are the Goals of DCM?
DCM can be used to meet a variety of goal areas as well as specific objectives. Depending on the presenter, population, and current needs and abilities of the group, DCM goals can include:
  • creating a greater sense of peer support within a community.
  • boosting self-esteem, self confidence, and overall self-image.
  • decreasing performance anxiety related to self-expression and improvisation.
  • easing tension between groups and finding a common ground on which to build.
  • lowering the stress response to social interaction and creative play with adults and teens.
  • increasing confidence related to creativity and peer-to-peer relationships with children.
  • supporting family relationships within a group therapy session.
  • boosting a sense of pride for a group or organization.

How will you use DCM? Tell us!

Who uses DCM?
Everyone! Virtually anyone can learn and adapt the principles of DCM to meet their needs, whether in a helping profession, recreational community music, education, or the world of corporate team building. We currently have participants from over 15 countries who use DCM in their work and the list is growing. Some applications of DCM include:
  • Education: Elementary, Middle school, High school, College, Home School.
  • Therapy: Music, Speech, Physical, Occupational, Recreational, Sound Healing.
  • Recreation: Activity Directors, Drum Circle Facilitators, Camp Staff, Parks & Rec.
  • Productivity: Team Building, Human Resource Specialists.

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